World of Payments

Welcome to the world of Payments.

My Name is Paras. Working for one of the leading software product and services providing company. Enjoying the life as it comes and loving the way life goes on!!

I would be taking you all through some of the basic and interesting concepts about Payments around the world. All around the world, about $33 trillion money goes around/exchanged/transferred every day and this itself tells the story. The total GDP of world’s all economies is around $15 trillion.

Let’s get into it and enjoy being on top of world. 😉

Payment Systems



CIPS – Opportunities ahead for Chinese renminbi (RMB)

Business Analyst

Symbiosis International University


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  1. Shrirang

    Great Info, thanx

  2. Pawan

    Can I contact you? [SWIFT]

  3. Alyson Hemme

    Well, I feel so flattered that I get to be the first person to reply or respond to all of this brilliant information just waiting here for me to stumble on it 4 years later. Sounds a lot like the system that we have been looking for to pay for our bills from. I pray it is. Much Love Light Abundance and relaxation to you. Time to get some vacation and reap the rewards of using your brain so hard all the time. Much Love. We are One Alyson

  4. Ayyappan Sivatharisanam

    Enjoying the life as it comes and loving the way life goes on!!

    By itself is a great start 🙂

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